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About Us

This page is terribly out of date and due for an update (Olivia wasn't even one in the picture that's showing and I don't know what happened to the rest!) but I'm waiting until it snows good and proper and we get our new family pictures taken : ) 

We are a Manitoban / Canadian / Christian family of four (with one on the way!) consisting of a tall, dark, handsome man named Chris, an average, pal, chipper woman named Laura, and two adorable, feisty little girls named Nicole and Olivia. Also known as “Chris And His Girls”. (Although only really known that way by Chris and myself. We’re hoping it catches on though.)

Chris and I have been married since August 2006. Chris, known by the girls as "Papa," grew up in a small town, loves hunting, and has a giant tractor in our suburban garage. FOR NO. APPARENT. REASON. He's also a small business owner. I love to make and bake, crochet and sew,  take pictures, and hoard craft supplies like a crazed little dragon. I do not love his stuffed bear in the office, but I love him just enough to bargain that it can be there if I don't have to clean the room. Just shy of a year after we got married, along came our first daughter.

Nicole (dusky like her daddy, but otherwise looking more like her mama) was born July 2007. She entered this world with a lot of “!!!!!” and she continues to “!!!!” every day. Nicole does not do anything halfways. Yay or nay, you know how she feels. Nicole loves preschool and crafts, and is maybe a bit smarter than us some days. She's definitely a smartie pants, at the very least. She keeps us rolling with the smart-aleck things she has to say.

Olivia (an alabaster doll like mom, but you guessed it, looks more like her papa) was born November 2010. She took her sweet time being born and had to be evicted at 11 days overdue and 9lb 5oz, but took off running basically immediately after she was born. Well, it just feels that way, but she was crawling at 4.5 months and walking at 7. Olivia keeps us rolling with her sheer ridiculousness.

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