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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Birthday! but wait, there's more... I baked CINNAMON BUNS!!!!

My DD is turning one this friday! How exciting is that. There are two parties planned, one of them is on Saturday at the zoo and the other one is a joint party the monday after that, with a little boy who turned one a few weeks ago (they had a joint shower together too, which means we have cute pictures of them together at one month)... that one is 50% Gigantic Playdate, 50% Mommies Playdate. haha.

Thusly I am preparing mass quantities of food! I am baking, too, which is not something I've always done well.

I would like to request that somebody please send me a medal. The gigantic occasion? I made cinnamon buns. And they tasted Really Really Good.

This may not seem like such a momentous occasion, but trust me on this one, it is. Words cannot express. I have made so many failed, disgusting, raw, burnt, raw-and-burnt-at-the-same-time cinnamon buns... I honestly nearly ran down to the post office to mail my old roomate, who is now living a few provinces away, a cinnamon bun. Because goodness knows SHE would be impressed. She was there for most of those failed cinnamon buns. Poor, poor girl. No wonder she up and moved to British Columbia.

And lastly, while we're discussing how impressive I am, I finished the back of the cardigan I'm making, Gigi. This is another momentous occasion, but less amazing as it was not led up to by a gazillion failed cardigans. Unlike the cinnamon buns.

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