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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Office Redo~

Okay, so, my plans for my office just petered down a bit, when my husband informed me to chill because there is no vapor barrier so in the summer he's going to have to take down all the drywall, vapor barrier everything, and put the drywall back up. Soooo... no painting. I may pick some colours and imagine them. But painting would be a waste of moolahs. Poo.
However, I got my bookshelf yesterday, so now I'm going to spend the next two hours tearing my room apart to get ready for the bookshelf. the dilemma is, I have to get rid of some crappy little organizers to prep for the bookshelf going out. However, I have to also make sure there's enough space for my husband to put the bookshelf together in here without getting frustrated. So, time to get creative?! Wish me luck!

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