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Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog/Book Love – Inspirational Home

Have you read Inspirational Home? I have two copies of the book. I got them buy-one-get-one-free when Jeanne Winters had a special on her birthday. One of them will soon find a new home as a wedding gift to my new sister-in-law. Belated, because I keep forgetting to give it to her. haha.

Inspirational Home is full of trendy decorating ideas that use bible verses and scriptural references. I love it! Everything looks so amazing. Sometimes Christian-themed decor gets a bad rep for being cheesy, corny, or very pastel. This stuff is drop-dead-gorgeous, and DIY!

Check out Jeanne’s blog right now… she’s having another buy-one-get-one deal! This book is great on your shelf, on your coffeetable, or as a newlywed or housewarming gift. Totally recommend!

This post is not paid for, asked for, or suggested. I truly recommend this book purely on my own steam. :)


Speaking of my own steam… I’ve added hairclip flowers to tw*nkletw*nkle on facebook and will add them to etsy soon. Check out this adorable kid. Whose kid is that? Oh yeah… mine!

twnkletwnkleflowerI have been up to things and making things and stuff, but I can’t share all of it right now. I promise there are some fun and exciting things coming up though!

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