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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Passport To Prana giveaway

(open to those in or willing to travel to Winnipeg, for yoga purposes.)

Now, this is something y’all might not know about me, but I fancy myself a bit of a yogi. I’m not doing yoga daily or anything, but I’ve definitely been known to get my downwards-facing-dog on. And while something like Warrior Pose II kicks me in the pants, I can do most of my basics without looking like a total lunatic. Or, at least as much as any other momma doing yoga can do yoga without looking like a total lunatic. (Except for those mamas that look really hot doing yoga, I have nothing to say to you.)

So when I was asked to do a review and giveaway for Passport to Prana Winnipeg, I was more than a little intrigued. You see, I’ve never actually done yoga in a studio yet. I have no idea what the local studios are like, and which ones I might possibly like. Which is exactly where Passport To Prana comes in…

Passport To Prana is a multi-studio yoga pass. For a small fee, it gives you the opportunity to try out a sampling of your local yoga studios. Then you’re presented with the option to review the studio, if you so desire. Perfect way to find your perfect fit. I mean, if you’re going to be shoving yourself into a pretzel, you’re going to want to feel at home doing it.

I don’t know about you, but sounds great to me!

So, if you’re interested in winning your own Passport to Prana in Winnipeg, just leave a comment here by March 25th. Make sure I can contact you if you win! It’s good until June 30th.


  1. Awesome, possum. I am SO in. I have been dying to try the be yoga studio on St. Marys...

  2. That is very cool! I would love it!!!

  3. I totally missed this! Sounds awesome :)

  4. I LOVE finding new studios to try out! Pick me!


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