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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sweet like candy

Don’t worry, it’s mostly a photography trick. These two definitely both have a naughty streak to them. Yup, even the baby! But of course.


Speaking of the baby, she is four months old today! She is suddenly rolling back and forth. Its pretty adorable to find her in some strange position flirting with her mobile first thing in the morning, not gonna lie.


This last picture is so sweet, you know no idea. Nicole was trying to soothe Olivia, who had had quite enough by this point, and she was saying, “It’s okay, Olivia, you’re safe, you’re safe….” I thought it was absolutely adorable.


Not much else to share today, I have a bit of a tired-headache. I’m going to go try and finish up an Ottobre top for Nicole that I started a few days ago, though! It’s 7:30 and both girls are asleep, hoorah!

Tomorrow hopefully I will remember to take some pictures of the legwarmers I whipped up for Olivia. I wrote up a crochet pattern for y’all and I hope it makes sense to those of you who do crochet. If it doesn’t, feel free to ask me to never, ever try and convert my gibberish crochet notes into something more legible ever again.

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  1. These are such great photos!! Good lookin' kids. :)


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