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Monday, June 23, 2008

ahhh, mon cheri...

Okay, so I'm getting somewhere on Gigi, but I'm a little nervous about it because i do think it will stretch to fit me but I am nervous that it will look like chocolate coloured shit instead of chocolaty yumminess like I desire. We'll see what happens.

My poor baby has the world's worst diaper rash and is like, raw and bleeding. I want to cry for her. I did a little bit when it was at it's worst yesterday and she cried in pain whenever she peed. But she's still mostly cheerful. My poor little angel. I admire her sunny disposition, especially because I know that while it's generally assumed to come from me, at this point in my life I fake it sometimes even when I'm feeling down... but she doesn't know any better than to act how she is, and her happy disposition is 100% genuine. That makes me appreciate all the more how consistently happy she is.

I'm starting to get somewhere on my craft room. I should order some pictures to scrapbook so I get some motivation to finish. I think all I need is one more good solid morning. I'm best at doing these things right in the morning.

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