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Saturday, October 4, 2008

and many mooooooore!

Today is my birthday! I choose to not state my age. Not because it is old. But because it isn't. I'm a backwards gal, I'd rather have people think I'm older than I am than think that a) boy do I look older and b) boy what an odd duck, she sure doesn't act her age.

NOT to say I'm THAT young. I am just ambiguous. lol.

I went thriftstore shopping today! I scored pretty nicely. What I'm perhaps most excited about is a lovely brown faux-wrap dress, I just need to take it down an inch or so on each side (even if it was a real wrap I'd probably wind up having to take it in, the armholes gape) but it is otherwise very lovely and flattering. And in very new condition! Also a merino menswear sweater, I'll change the neckline and add a zipper... Plus a bunch of other stuff. A good trip!

Also got a costume for DD, she's going to be the cutest little pirate. lovelove!

pics 016 pics 001

Happy october! yaaaay.


  1. Happy birthday!

    Don't feel bad about the nightgown for the little one -- it's very cute. I did the same thing for a nightgown for myself, only I forgot I have frontal protuberances that might need some comfort room.

    I suggest that you add a pleat at each side seam. Take a rectangle of fabric, fold the long sides to the middle, sew those long sides to the side seam. Then flatten the short side at the top -- voila, a box pleat. You could put it up as far as the armhole or as low as the hip. I put one in the center front on my nightie -- I think I'd have been happier with the extra at the sides.

  2. hmmmm, sounds interesting, I shall have to give it a try... I think a generous box pleat in the front is probably the most attractive way I could fix this little 'oopsie'... thanks!


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