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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Man, I'm starting to hit that point of tired where you stop feeling tired. That new-mommy high where suddenly your body decides instead of trying to function fully on enough sleep and protests loudly that it is tired, it gives up and decides to shut up and perform at a mediocre level and you stop feeling so crappy.  Except the new-mommy part doesn't really apply anymore. It's just there's been some sickies in my house and I have not been sleeping much. Last night I was up all night with a sick baby... and my little girl wasn't feeling too great either. *chuckle* My DH is such a suck when he's sick.

So here I am, mediocre but feeling better than I have all week! I'm working on putting together and screen printing a new dress for DD, I'll post mediocre pictures when i'm done. My camera is on the fritz so that's all I can do. SAD. Mediocre is the word of the day, unfortunatly!

thriftstore 009

Here's a mediocre picture of a refashion I did, this brown wrap dress was like 2 or more sizes too big for me and i sized it down to my size. Not a good skirt for windy days though. MY CRAFT ROOM IS SO MESSY. lol.

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