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Friday, November 14, 2008

What I'm Up To...

Check out these gorgeous yummers.
Took me forever to do (assisted by my gorgeous little assistant, which may or may not have contributed to it taking forever... trying to fend her off the cookies, and then from eating the topping off the cookies...) I got the recipe here. It's not ridiculously hard, just time consuming.

And this little number is something I've been working on a little bit at a time for a while... a toddler blazer kind of a dealie. I used a short sleeve buttonup shirt for the base of the thing... threw in a lining because it was scratchy tweed... I'm only going to have two buttons, right on the top ... also, the sleeves turned out way too tight so I actually just cut them off hems and all to widen the whole dealie, and I think I'll do puffyish 3/4 sleeves.
I bought this as a remnant, and I'm hoping I can get a skirt out of it too. I think I had like .8 or .9 or something. (meters, eh.) I'm not sure if that will happen after I redo the sleeves but here's hoping. Otherwise I could just do a black or grey jumper dress under it too I suppose... (or make up a little dress pants pattern, bweeeee) (I doubt they would have the same level of class with the diaper in there though, lol)

Quick little link- check out this pretty and simple paper flower table setting from craftershock! lovely.

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