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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sick to my stomach

I feel just sick to my stomach. I was so excited about doing a swap on craftster... then first I finished late because of the holidays. Then I wrote the address wrong and got it back, and my DH got the package so he just gave the stuffed hippo i'd crocheted to DD cos she wanted it. She got Oreo on it, so i washed it. No problem. But then when I went to mail it again today I noticed a stain from the oreo. (he was in natural cotton)
So whatever, I had some dye to dye some light grey jeans darker so I figured i'd throw him in - hippos are grey anyways. I have never done it before but followed the directions for in the laundry. The jeans and a white shirt turned out nicely. Harry the Hippo?
I might take a picture and post it. It's the saddest thing you'll ever seen. The stitches are warped... his neck and limbs somehow wound up sick long... his ear is dangling on... various problems. Hot water + agitator + crocheted cotton = big mistake.
I could cry. He looks like sad, sad roadkill.

now i never want to swap again. I'm such a failure. I like etsy better, I completely finish the item before I list it, so there's no problems like this.

edit: added photos of Harry's remains

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  1. Aww, poor hippo. He's still cute.


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