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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adorable spare bedroom/office space

Okay I love this... this is adorable. Not just because it all works so nicely, but the colours are just delicious. I am madly in love with the fact that not only does this really work as a space, with the office and the bedroom blending seamlessly together without encrouching on each others' territory, but that it manages to be both a relaxing bedroom and an energizing office space!
The space is super organized (I wonder if it stays that way? lol... mine sure didn't! But that's why I'm redoing it...) but totally beautiful. I bet she can't look at that desk without it begging her to sit down and start working/crafting.

But then all she has to do is close those gauzy curtains and the space is a relaxing and beautiful bedroom. I love all the little touches, like the old keys and the wallpaper+ribbon in the back of the cabinet and on the front of the TV unit. Since this is a guest bedroom and doesn't need a lot of permanent clothing storage, I wouldn't be surprised if those cupboards are mostly full already.

How can you not relax with an invitation like that? The whole thing is just gorgeous. I assure you, I shan't be able to afford to put that much work and beauty into decorating a guest bedroom for a few years yet. But when I do I hope it is as purposeful and inviting as this space!

For more pictures and information, or just to compliment her on the amazing job she did on this space, visit supershoppertoo's My Office and Craft Space photoset. I'm going to find time to take a look at her other photosets too, from briefly scanning the thumbnails it looks like she has creating a lot of beautiful spaces in her home!


  1. Wow! That is a beautiful room.

  2. That's a very beautiful room. I also have my own bedroom and an office space at home, and I should probably try the your design.

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