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Monday, May 25, 2009

What a Lovely Weekend

There was actually some sun this weekend! Aside from my failure of a garage sale, we played with some sidewalk chalk... (i may have been slighly more into this than DD)
We crocheted, working on a blankie for a new friend we will meet after she comes out of NICU. (Well, one of us crocheted. The other one of us looked way cuter trying.)

And... we did crafts with DD's Little Friend! DD and Little Friend are both around two, so crafting obviously has some limitations. But the sense of pride when creating something is still very much there even if they are just picking the colours.

Funny Bunny Bracelets - Crafts for Toddlers

Requires : 4x6 foam sheets, marker, feathers, ribbons (all found at Dollarama), scissors, hot glue gun.

Let the toddlers pick out the colour of thier foam sheet, as well as two feathers and a ribbon. (if you have a few options for ribbon available of course) Nothing needs to match, and most likely won't. That's the fun of it!

(insert opportunity to learn colours here)
Fold the foam sheets in half and cut out the approximate shape of a bunny head. Circle-ish, oval-ish, whatever. They won't critisize. You should end up with a front and a back that are joined. Like an 8 shape, when unfolded.
Doodle funny faces on the designated 'front' while the toddlers admire the feathers. With your hot glue gun you will now glue your feathers, your ribbon (one long piece), and the two sides of your bunny head all together in one fell swoop.
Tie your funny-bunny-bracelet onto the chubby little wrist (thiers, not yours) and procede with the Funny Bunny Dance!

If anyone else has fun ideas for crafts to do with two year old girls (aside from the obvious paper + crayons/stickers) I'd love to hear them!

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