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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

(a white)Christmas in July

Now, as those of you who know me irl and thusly have me on facebook have noticed, I have an ongoing battle going on with the weather. I'm losing, by the way. It has been noted that the weather would pretty much be nice all the time if I stayed inside. If I put up my laundry to dry? It pours. If I sit outside on a lawnchair? It pours. Get on a ferris wheel? Pours. Start the barbeque? CHRISTMAS IN JULY, THAT'S WHAT.

It's also been noted that once I run inside, the sun comes out.

Anywhoo. Christmas in July. Plus a minor flash flood in my backyard. Behold.

My hostas have been SLAUGHTERED. They are all pegged through with holes. For those who know nothing about plants, a) fear not, for I am one of you. My neighbour told me this was a hosta. and b) The hosta is the big green leafy one. And it looks like it had a run in with a smalltown teen with a BB gun.

And for the record, it was around 26 degrees celcious for most of the day. Then I fired up the barbeque, the sky got dark, the wind roared in and scared the pants off of me, effectively disarming the screen door in the process. So then I had no pants and Chris had to screw the army bracey thingy (technical jargon, it may be beyond your comprehension) back into the wall while I clung onto the door so it wouldn't slam open. All the while, our barbeque hissed and steamed.
And I really did have no pants, but to be more honest I actually took them off because when the sheet of water slammed into me I got soaked in two minutes. That top picture where you can see a few inches of water? I took that literally three minutes into the rain. YEAH. I KNOW.
PS for my reputation's sake, I will state that the pants where on during the screendoor part of the fiasco. I think I changed into shorts AFTER that.

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