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Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing in Adobe Illustrator

Okay so clearly I was up to a whole lot of nothing constructive yesterday. lol. Nicole and I both have colds so we both spent yesterday crashed out in jammies for most of the day. Since we have different opinions on quality television to watch while sick, I played on looklet and in Adobe Illustrator and suchlike for far too much time. Nothing too interesting to show for it, mind you, but I'm getting back into the feel of the program. Girlfriend went to college, you know. Graphics design. No, I didn't even design my own blog layout. Saaaad. Just that lazy, kids! Too lazy to learn how to play with blogger. I could build me an html castle from the pixels up, though. ;)

Obviously, these are monograms, in varying shades of 'sortof like' and 'strongly dislike'. Chris... Laura... VONDUTCH! no, not literallly. But the dutch heritage is strong in both of our families and it's not a huge shock that our last name starts with 'V' ! lol.

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