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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grand Forks Shopping?

This is me near the end of December. For sure. I'm on the tightest tighty tight budget in the universe right now. My husband is Tighty McWallet. But it is for my own good. All my monies is being taked and taked and taked and put away in a nice safe happy place to be given back to me when we go to Grand Forks near the end of December for a few nights. And goooo SHOPPING!

So, my friends. Surely there is some amongst you who is learned in the area of Shopping In Grand Forks. Where do I need to hit? What can I browse online first? I am excited, as there are places to shop in the states that is not available here in Canada. For shizzle. Fo shizzle? I'm down with it, dogs. Right? No? Okay. Sorry.

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