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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspiration Desperation

Okay, so I am desperately seeking inspiration as far as Baby V’s nursery is concerned. We theoretically have anywhere from 5-9 weeks left, 9 being the maximum they would let me go before inducing me. Single digits all around. Can you smell the fear? We haven’t even STARTED the nursery.

I’ve started the quilt. I know what color I’m painting the walls – Jamaican Aqua like my craft room. I’m just so in love with aqua right now. Aqua/bright blue is going to be the primary color in the room. I can’t tell you what the other color is going to be because we have come upon the agreement that while we are not keeping the gender a secret-secret, we’re not telling the world either. Friends and family, in our homes or theirs (not in the church lobby, sorry) if it comes up in conversation. Facebook and blog are off-limits. On the bright side, I will have to sit down and write some postdated blog posts about the little projects I’ve been doing for baby afterwards!

Anyways, other than Jamaican Aqua I can tell you I found a bright blue birdcage thing –its meant to be a candle holder, but I might put in twinkle lights or something, not sure yet -  that will hang from the ceiling as a whimsical decoration. This doesn’t mean I’m going to go nuts with a bird theme, but I’m kindof open to using it a bit. I’m still pretty open overall. Does anyone have any inspiration or ideas to share?

Yesterday I was flipping through an old Martha Stewart BABY special and got the brilliant plan to use an embroidery hoop with a wetbag to make a hanging hamper for diapers. I actually did that for a hamper-hamper for Nicole, using the pillowcase suggested in the magazine. Other than that, and the colors, and the basic layout, some fabric, and that birdcage thing, I don’t have much. I have some pictures in my Decor Inspiration folder but they mostly orientate around the wall color.

Any small-space nursery ideas to share? Nursery decor inspiration? Even toddler rooms, I tend to love them for ideas too. If it’s a green and yellow nursery, or a pink and brown nursery, share it! I’m loving looking through stuff from both genders here. I have time to kill when I have to sit down and take breaks, anyways. I’ll throw a McLinky on here and everything.


  1. Have you checked out Land Of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids for inspiration? I love looking at their websites for ideas. They are pricey though, so I would have to love love love something to actually order it. It's cheaper to just copy an idea. I'll try use your Mclinky to attach them :) If I come across anything else Ill def let you know!!!

  2. Okay so the McLinky isnt being so nice to me. Its complicated for a computer illiterate person like me :-P hahaha. Here ya go:




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