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Monday, November 8, 2010


3 days overdue… bouncing around on my ball thinger thinking cursey thoughts. I could probably handle the whole thing with a lot more grace and dignity if the baby was not still growing. Every night I get less sleep, and while I didn’t get any new stretch marks this time around, my stomach is starting to look bruised. The baby dropped two weeks ago now, so I’m starting to get sore muscles from supporting weight with a part of my body not really made with that purpose… also, I constantly feel like I have to pee, in a sore-bladder sort of way. I know at absolute most I have ten days left. If I knew it was definitely ten days it would probably even make me less crazy, the hair-ripping part is the yes/no thing. I’ve had a few false alarms – nothing enough to get me packing up the car but enough to have me cancelling plans and getting hopeful – and they are hands-down the most obnoxious part. This baby is gonna be born on the kitchen floor to my complete shock because I’m not gonna believe I’m actually in labour by the time it actually happens ;)

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  1. Best wishes for the delivery, when the time comes :) The way they induce babies around here it's so rare for me to hear of anyone who's past their due date.


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