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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lets Hear it for My Baby


Today is Father’s Day, and I would like to give a BIG shout out to the guy that makes this all possible. My rock, my partner, my accomplice, my assistant, my shmexy hunk of love, the guy that mans the grill and the person who cleans up the puke when the kids get sick in the middle of the night (calm down, he’s already taken.)


Our protector, lover of all things camo, the guy who gasses up the Pathfinder because I hate gassing up with the kids in the car. The one who makes the coffee at 6am and sometimes even brings me a cup.


The resident handyman, the (assistant) painter, the one who has blind faith in my sometimes crazy-sounding plans (let’s paint the wall blue and then put wood over it! And we’ll paint the wood white! Oh, and in another room lets paint it super super white, and then a super blue ceiling, and hang a hot pink chandelier!)


The guy who made me a craft room and who described his dream house to me as ‘..and there will be a huge room, like a studio space, with a whole wall of cubbies for storing and organizing craft supplies for you and the kids, and tables for crafting so you have room to have friends over…’ (as I said, ladies… taken. Deep breaths.)

IMG_3314IMG_3333 (2)

My crazy, kooky buddy who can always make me laugh, but more importantly, can always make my children laugh. The man who works hard at overcoming his own obstacles to ensure our daughters grow up feeling safe, secure, and loved. Babe, 8-10 years ago you may have never seen yourself where you are right now, but your babies will always see you as the strong (more than physically) and stable rock that you are for our family. We believe in you and support you 110%.


  1. Super like. Always happy for a fellow mama in a happy marriage. Never take it for granted.

  2. How sweet and I love that last picture!


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