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Monday, August 15, 2011

I heart faces–beautiful eyes

IMG_9719 copy

I know some people with some pretty amazing eyes, but my older daughter’s eyes are definitely right up there. When she was six months old they’d already established themselves as a dark, moody blue. They glint with mischief, and they cloud over and darken when she is angry. I’ve had people ask what color they are, since they’re quite dark but clearly not brown. I’ve had a sales clerk gasp in shock when my toddler’s lovely blue eyes turned several shades darker with a sudden tantrum. I’ve had people accuse me of heavily retouching her eyes. I honestly don’t even know what to do with her eyes, really, when I’m editing. A sharpen and that’s about it, because I don’t want to lighten those unique moody blues. Sometimes almost violet, others nearly teal. They remind me of an ocean storm, wild and energetic… so fitting to her personality. She is sweet and spirited and kind, but oh she has quite a load of sass.

I always feel very lucky when I catch a great shot of these eyes. As I learn to conquer my manual settings, manual focus, and lighting, I get luckier more and more often. (:


  1. gorgeous! she definatly has a sparkle in her eye!!
    p.s. i hopped on the bandwagon--> dorothyblogging.blogspot.com. yours is fancy fancy, mine is just...not. but it will be. it will be. *rubbing hands together creepily*


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