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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nicole’s Skirt Project

First off, a quick follow-up to Monday’s post. Little Hailey’s heart surgery was successful with very few complications. She did better than expected, swelling is not bad, and she is busy healing up. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with her family, we are glad that the waiting can be with a lighter heart now, and hope that soon they can be back home! (If you’re curious, her dad is my cousin.)

Now, onto the project I did with Nicole! Thursday’s post left you with an image of Nicole heart at work (haaa) cutting away at her skirt project.


Before I give it away, here’s a few more images, see if you can guess what kind of skirt she was making!


Does that line give it away a little bit??


Teehee, I’m sorry, when those pants slipped down I couldn’t resist. Hard at work! There was so much focus, it made my day. Here’s the skirt we were working on… the circle skirt tutorial by Dana at MADE!

After I’d sat down with a coffee and some sailor-talk to figure out the maths (anticlimactically, the maths were stupidly easy, so I had to browse Pinterest for a few minutes to finish my coffee) and let Nicole choose a fabric out of my stash, the whole procedure took about an hour. Ten minutes of that, at least, were spent rethreading my serger with pink thread, and then re-rethreading it after I’d tried to take a shortcut and learned a valuable lesson that sergers don’t take shit from nobody.

The fabric Nicole chose is from Ikea, my mother in law (aka Nana) brought it and a few others down the last time she was visiting. She watches the as-is section for me. (our Ikea is supposed to open this year! Right around the same time I have a baby, I hear! Do they have prime parking for people with babies??)


So, I’ll break down Nicole Did and Laura Did.

Laura did the maths. Nicole chose the fabric and the length of skirt she wanted. Laura drew on the fabric with the magic fabric marker. Nicole cut the skirt out and chose the color of thread for the serger. Laura rethreaded the serger lovingly, serged the raw edges of skirt + waist elastic, and sewed waistband elastic into a circle and pinned it like mad. Then Nicole + Laura sat together and slowly sewed the skirt to the waistband with a zigzag stitch. Then Nicole wore the skirt and gave joint credit to both of us for making it. (which is funny, because she spent more time on it than I did, and if she tosses sprinkles on or chocolate in to a batch of cookies she claims full credit.)


It’s a big old full spinny skirt. I’m actually surprised she wanted it so long, she would have gone floor length if I had let her. I went and did a more practical tea length so she wouldn’t land on her face all the time. Once summertime hits, I’m going to invest in a rainbow of tanktops so she can wear this skirt and others like it with joy and happiness and leggings-turned-int0-modesty-shorts-because-she-ripped-all-the-knees.


She was so excited about her skirt that it was impossible to catch a good picture of her. “Well, what of outside?” you ask. I missed my window of Uncommonly Decent Weather and it is –40 (C and F match at 40, kids) with windchill today, so, yeah. No outside shots. (“Wait, what?” ask those of you who weren’t here last year. “Winnipeg.” I say, and we both nod sagely.)


But here is a shot of the skirt folded up a bit. The waistband is literally just a thick white elastic. I could have dyed it if I wasn’t doing a quick project that I didn’t want to turn into a non-quick project. I really recommend Dana’s Tutorial. I’m thinking about making one for me, with that elastic it would likely work great as a maternity skirt this spring. I bet you could whip up an entire family’s worth of skirts in an afternoon, it really is that easy, especially if you serge the bottom hem.


  1. Nice! Bet she had a ton of fun making that :)

    It is completely and unreasonable cold!!! Is it wrong that I have contemplated NOT taking my kid to school every morning this week because I just CANNOT stand the thought of going outside?!?

    Oh and just the thought of fighting with my three year old to keep her damn mittens on makes me want to curl up in the fetal position :P

  2. Love it, and the whole hands on with mom is the best part :D

  3. godbless IKEA & their As-Is fabrics. Seriously. Big Win there. My monkeys just love that circle skirt pattern too - they like 'em short & "spinny"

  4. ok how cute is this?!?! so perfect for v-day...I want to make one for my little baby girl! oh yep...I totally am gonna!



  5. aww so cute i didn't know ikea sold fabric i should go to the one down here if i find time.


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