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Friday, September 7, 2012

Is it just me…


… or is Blogger’s comment captcha getting just stupid? Now not only do I have to figure out unintelligible letters, but numbers as well? And naturally it took me three failed tries to realize that the random door with numbers on it was part of the captcha and I needed to write that as well. But first I tried hitting the sound, because I figured I was obviously not ‘getting’ the letters… and wow, that is worse than the written version. I had to play it a few times, even though I clearly wasn’t going to use it, just to be sure that I had misheard right. Garbled nonsense in entirety. No wonder people leave comments less and less lately.

Don’t be an asshole, blogger. 
(I can write that. My kids don’t read.)


And no, I don’t use the captcha. I get a few spam comments a week, but blogger actually does a pretty good job of weeding them out and not posting them to the blog posts itself. I just delete them out of my inbox, along with the 67 subscriptions to BHG/Chatelaine/Parents/FitnessThing/etc newsletters that I have signed up for and read absolutely never.


  1. Just making sure that I actually do not use the captcha and am not lying through my teeth. Um, fingers.

  2. So true! I have found them crazy to read lately too and I do comment less these days because it is a pain!


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