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Monday, July 19, 2010

I heart faces – Over My Head

IMG_0383-copy-2This picture of Nicole trying to capture an elusive kite is a pretty obvious entry into this week’s iheartfaces challenge. Hopefully I’ll be able to do something more clever for my next entry… I was going to enter a much cooler picture of my sister and Nicole on the trampoline where Nicole is over my sister’s head, but both of their faces are totally covered with their hair so that’s out. Ah well, this was a fun day, so it’s still worth my own self pausing to smile at it.

(If you’re curious, she did eventually manage to catch it, and then she didn’t want to let it go again!)  


  1. Very creative...love this shot with the kite!

  2. wow! what a great kite, it's bigger than she is! :-))) very cute pic, and your blog header is adorable :-)

  3. Great pic! Fits the theme perfectly!


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