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Monday, July 25, 2011


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program... to bring you absolutely nothing because I'm not even anywhere near my real computer! :D Today is Nicole's fourth birthday, and we've been spending time with family. And Chris was off working from 6:30 am to after 9pm working on Friday. And more working on Saturday. And not a lot of sleeping thanks to Olivia. So I didn't really do much more than stare blankly at walls, to be really honest. I'll be back later to replace this post with something sappy and full of pictures, and fear not, I will more than make up for my slacker weekend. Get your own thrifty posts up and running this week if you'd like to join in a linky party this coming Friday! I will be giving away some sewing machine pendants to two lucky ladies, one for a participant in the linky party and one for a commenter on the post. Please enjoy old photo of Nicole when she was Olivia's age, and new photo of Laura Wearing Sewing Machine Bling (they're a bit bigger than I thought they would be when I ordered them.) taken on my ipod.

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