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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drumroll, Please!

Kfirst, I was trying to get a lovely picture of DD in her new fancy sunday coat that I love so much (Children's Place. Less than $30. Go. Now.) ... so anyways, huge fail on that one. Was not in the model mood. However I did snag this cute little picture of her trying to steal a candy cane. (suceeding, actually, but I freed it from her)

I'll be closing the draw tonight at midnight, if anyone scootches in by then they are good, anything after that is out, no go, nada, sorry. I'll put the numbers in the randomizer tomorrow morning and let you know who won!
So guess whose hair fits in a full pony now?! *sniffsniff eyewipe*

Mommy is a WRETCHED BEAST for inflicting this on her though. We had a few big fights about it. The pony doesn't hurt her, she just likes to pull stuff out of her hair once she notices there's something there.
But it's so cute! I fought it out anyways. She wound up keeping it in.
Not one to go down peacefully though, she sure Showed Me. Pulled on her hat so that I wouldn't win all the way. Cheeky little monkey.

Oh, and I have not been up to nothing. Here's a sneak peek at a current project... an old toddler's chair. I'm in the middle of adding a puffy pink seat cushion, some paint, and some mod podged scrapbooking paper. Stay tuned! If I can find the spare staples for the staplegun, this should be done this week yet. Oooh, and my MIL is giving me some fabric, including some vintage stuff her mom took with her from Holland when she came over! Ooooh! Hope it's some nice treasures.

And one final thing... Modish is having another giveaway!

This giveaway is worth $726 and is filled to brim with handmade goods galore! HOLY WOW! THAT IS A LOT OF GOODIES! click on the pic to get there.

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  1. Hey Lorchick,

    You won lot #2 of random stuff on my blog. Send me your address at talesfromthecrib (at) gmail (dot) come and I will get it off to you.


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