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Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Project this weekend

Okay, I haven't been posting much of my own pictures and stuff lately. This is mainly because my SD cards have all gone missing! I think it's pretty safe to blame that on DD, she likes to take them out of the slot on the computer. But this weekend I have a huge awesome project - DD's room! I have this giant leaf canopy from Ikea that I bought off of usedsomething.com (insert my city name there) because we don't have Ikea here - i just happened to see it and was like, "PERFECT!!!" A few months back I also had bought wallies Doodleflowers (giant mural variety). So the room theme will rotate around those objects, to my entire and absolute delight. It's going to be a very fanciful, oversized garden type theme! Like the Littles, or the Borrowers. I'm absolutely in love with the idea. I have so much running through my head, but I won't share any more - you'll have to wait to see the pictures!
Anyways, I'll be picking up a small, cheap SD card when I do my groceries if I haven't found at least one card back by tonight. That way I can take WIP / progress pictures. I'll hopefully also remember to take pictures step-by-step of some of the fun little miniprojects I'll be doing in here.

I'm so excited!

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