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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ummashin's Goodies make me squeal

Okay, definitely scope out ummashin's etsy shop. Firstly, her little hats are soooo cute. I mean, I have crocheted little flower-laden baby toques. I even have some for sale on my etsy shop. But these are ADORABLE. From what I've seen, they're all cotton. Most of them are more for girls but there are some that work just as well for boys. There's a wide variety, which is very nice, something I do not have (my shop basically features the same hat in three different colours). Everything looks so crisp, and so adorable.
AND HER LITTLE MODEL. I COULD JUST SQUEAL. Forget the hats, where do I order one of those? Aw, those chubby little cheeks just slay me. My DD is nothing to shrug at but she's starting to lose the baby chubb so a little dosage of little-bitty cuteness is just what I need today.

Oh yeah. And the hats are what's in the store. So now that you've admired her adorable daughter you can scroll back up and admire the hats she's modelling. lol.


  1. I so get what you mean about this baby being ADORABLE!!

  2. I love how you can see the drool coming off her lip. She is adorable.....

  3. I want to order one of those chubby cheek babies too!
    Thanks for the comment!


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