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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bubble Party

I decided on the theme for Nicole's 2nd birthday party... Bubbles! At walmart, I found bubble (aimed at bath) themed party decorations (napkins, tablecloths), and then I picked up bubble favours as well. Here are three links to tutorials for things I will also be using for this party!

A crown for the birthday girl... not sure I will use bubbles on it, I think I'll just match it to the next item... a bubble dress! Am I not so clever? (Take my word for it, I am. lol) And last but not least, homemade bubble potion. Then I can even use my environmentally friendly dishsoap and everything! Hoo-rah for me, sir.

Of course, that's not everything. Bubble machine... be in a bubble... and possibly a few more. ;) I'm pretty pleased with myself to have a theme and the ability to go a bit batshit crazy overboard, but still keep it at a level appropriate for toddlers. But still fun for thier older siblings! (because it wouldn't be a party if it wasn't a coffee social for the mommies, too.)

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