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Monday, July 20, 2009

FREE: nearly-two-year-old bully

FREE TO GOOD HOME, one nearly-two-year-old bully. Enjoys biting, pushing, and yelling "GO AWAY!" Would do well in a home with big tough older brothers to whip her into shape.

Definitely not the highlight of my mothering career when my DARLING two year old clamps her teeth down onto Little Friend's arm in the middle of Safeway and Will. Not. Let. Go.

Ah, if it were only a few years ago, the appropriate reaction would have been the whupping she surely deserved. As it was, I conked her on the head with a box of Kraft Dinner*** in a near-panic through the stroller netting that separated me from the offending child while Little Friend hollered "COLE BITING ME! COLE BITING ME!" She finally released Little Friend, mainly to stop the yelling - she could have cared less about my cardboard 'weapon.' I was sure steamed. I marched out of there as soon as possible, straight home, and into her room for her longest timeout ever! OOOH! I am ramming my head against a brick wall lately with that girl! How did my sweet, friendly girl turn into such a bully? And just for funsies, too - the Safeway Incident was totally unprovoked.

Admittedly, she only seems to be bullying Little Friend. She has never bitten or pushed around any other kid, to my knowledge. She actually has a reputation as a little sweetheart! I'm pretty sure she's just being territorial. I feel awful for Little Friend, she's been crying when she gets dropped off at my house in the mornings! I would too, in her position!

I shall be doing some yoga and drinking half a pot of coffee during naptime. Perhaps saluting the sun will suddenly give me a brilliant solution. At the very least it will invigorate me a bit.

I have to stay up until... well, until tomorrow night. Sleep Deprived EEG tomorrow morning, so no sleep for me tonight! Expect a wierd, disjointed and/or emotional post in the middle of the night. LOL

***disclaimer: Had it not been for the netting, my reaction would have been to grab her jaw to prevent her from biting Little Friend. I am not a person who strolls around attacking people with Kraft Dinner all willy-nilly; in this case, it seemed like the best way to get her attention. Considering she ignored it, clearly I should have tried Hamburger Helper instead.

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  1. christy from texasJuly 21, 2009 at 8:23 AM

    still laughing at this one

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