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Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Things You Can Do With A Small Girl

1. Have a princess tea party (strawberries and water)

2. Play with makeup (in an attempt to keep her on the potty)

3. Clean up the pee from the hall just outside the bathroom right after playing makeup while sitting on the potty for more than half an hour. (I decided to go with another makeup picture for that one.)
4. Have her 'over for coffee' (and by coffee I mean frothed milk and then pour in a smidge of coffee while making a big deal out of it) and a chat.

5. Make her a dress to dress her up for church in.
Just a Simplicity pattern, not my own invention. Instructions were a buttload of "whaaat????!" in two or three places, but I battled through them until they turned into engrish. Chris helped me with this, how cute is that? He pulled out the gathering stitches for me, and helped pin some godets in place while I started sewing the first few.

All in all the last few days have been fun. :) PS, I play golf like Happy Gilmore, rumour has it. Except it's like I am generally either the top of the scores or the bottom. It's more the haphazard WHACK. I do play with two hands. Listen, girlfriend plays hockey, not golf.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome. She looks like one happy camper! Go Mom! Love that makeup grin and that coffee delight and that adorable dress!

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