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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog Love–Premades With a Purpose

As you may know, I recently redid my blog design a bit. The graphics didn’t really change, though, I’m still using the pieces of a premade I bought at least a year ago from Premades With a Purpose.

If you want a nice blog layout, but not one that you’re going to see a million times over because it’s a freebie, you should check her site out. The premades run from around $5 to $10 and many come with options. Mine, for example, includes my customizable header and several backgrounds.

As you may guess by the site title, the premade sales aren’t just for funsies. Lena is trying to fund an adoption with them, after their attempt to add a third child to their family led to heartbreak and multiple miscarriages. If you’re on the edge about spending money on your layout – and really, this is the price of a cup or two of coffee we’re talking about – then the fact that the money is for a cause might just tip you over that edge. I know it did for me.

A big thankyou to Cate for asking me about the layout on Facebook and reminding me about this site. I’m pretty sure I did a post on it when I got the layout (I’m too lazy to go look) but it certainly doesn’t hurt to do it again.

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