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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project 52–week 9


I realize I am still a few days behind, but this is last week’s photo and this week is not over yet SO…. we are improving.

Nicole really enjoys baking with me! I’d get her to just do it for me but she can’t read the recipes or reach the buttons on the oven yet. Maybe I’ll teach her to mix drinks instead.

Just kidding. Seriously. There isn’t even any alcohol in the house. There was a beer yesterday but after spending five minutes figuring out how to open the dang bottle (I am not a beer drinker. You may chuckle at my expense. I know I did.) I poured it into my slow cooker to make a yummilicious roast. Beer + apples + BBQ sauce + seasonings = SUPER ROAST.

(note: I have no problem with alcohol. I make a mean amaretto black forest cake.)

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