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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Weekend!


Man i had a great stint at the MCC in Steinbach on saturday. Filled up a bag from the bag sale, and it's funny because I just grabbed whatever struck my fancy because I figured I could alter anything that didn't really work... and pretty much everything worked! I wore an entire outfit today that looked high fashion and big money, and the whole ensemble cost less than $7. Whoop whoop. Scoooooore!

I also find this tshirt and the second I saw it I knew it would be a dress.


Although DD may never even know who "Animal" is... lol. Sad, but true.

Here's some of it started up:


That's the top... and then there will be a waistband and a ruffly skirt and some little sleeves. I've actually started sewing already, but didn't take pictures. (Just those two pieces halfway in the middle of being sewed together with french seams since it's for DD and we like french seams for kiddie stuff.)


And here is my retro looking Cookie jar that looks like an antique when you stand in the middle of my kitchen, but is in fact a repurposed Iced Tea container! (and it's full of cookies that I'm pretty proud of, double chocolate with decadent chips, but the recipe i used as a base was for willie vanillie oatmeal cookies! no oatmeal, just choco! whoop whoop, first successful baking adventure.)   

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