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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Giveaway with CSN Stores

How would you like to win a Fridge Phonics Fridge Talk Magnetic Wordplay Recorder by LeapFrog? www.CSNStores.com contacted me with the opportunity to host a giveaway for you guys! What is CSN Stores, you ask? Well, I did too, I hadn’t heard of them before. I don’t know why not, though… they have more than 200 stores with a gazillion things to buy! Need a mailbox? They have an entire store dedicated to mailboxes. How about baby gear? Perhaps some dining room furniture? Maybe you have a hankering for some new pots and pans for your kitchen? Just go and click on ‘see all of our stores’ on the top left and choose what you’re looking for! Man oh man… they don’t just sell almost anything you might need, they actually have whole STORES for it, just full of eyecandy items! (Seriously, have you ever seen an entire store devoted to mailboxes before? I have not. And I went and showed my mailbox the website and now it’s embarrassed and won’t make eye contact with anyone anymore. And it keeps checking my history because it’s pretty sure I’m looking for a younger, hotter mailbox. Which maybe I am, okay?!)Fridge Phonics Fridge Talk Magnetic Wordplay RecorderI spent literally hours combing through just a few of the CSN stores. Pots and pans… pillows… toys… art supplies… storage… it’s like ebay, but without some anonymous person yanking your find out from underneath you last second. Jerk. What? Nothing. Anyways, the giveaway. This is the Fridge Phonics Fridge Talk Magnetic Wordplay Recorder. What a mouthful! Here’s a breakdown from the website:

  • Show the words you know by recording and playing back big words, opposites, rhyming words and more
  • For ages 3 to 6 years
  • With three learning modes of play including over 15 word questions, 3 playful learning songs and silly free play
  • Recorder attaches securely to any magnetic surface
  • Gained learning skills like: vocabulary, language and listening skills

    Now, Nicole is two and a half, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t too advanced for her. And even if she spend the first six months just recording herself screeching and playing it back, somehow I have this funny feeling that she will be just tickled pink about that. You know what this will do? This will be a little more time she spends playing independently instead of asking to watch TV when it’s too nasty outside to go outdoors and play. And the three modes of learning play means it will take her a long time to outgrow, and that when my nephews and nieces come over and play they’ll probably all stand around my fridge and screech happily at themselves, too.

    So, would you like to have an opportunity to play with this when your kids are in bed win this for your darling children? (Provided you are from Canada or the USA… this is shipping from a store, so it’s not available internationally, sorry!)

    Enter ONE TIME by commenting on this post!

    Enter TWO TIMES by doing the above and also linking to this giveaway on your blog, then commenting again to let me know! (Don’t forget to link to this post in particular so your readers know where to look!)

    Don’t forget I will need to be able to contact you to let you know if you won! Old hats at this blogging thing will know if that happens automatically, but if you’re unsure, leave your email address in your comment!

    Contest ends January 20 at noon, Manitoba time! GOOD LUCK! Winner will be randomly selected.


    1. i can see Royson having a blast with this!!! :) and your right, not a toy they would outgrow quickly :)

    2. Good review, I can see my little niece with this-it looks like a lot of fun and something they can enjoy for quite a while!

      micaela6955 at msn dot com

      have a great week!

    3. This looks like great fun!


    4. Josh and Caleb love the other Leap Frog Fridge toys that we have! By the by I love your blog! You are a very funny lady! With great ideas!

    5. I can so see myself playing with this when Andrew is sleeping. lol

    6. Never had a leap frog toy... I'm sure Jared and Nadia would get a kick out of it! kdeboer(at)mts(dot)net

    7. I could always use a new toy :) I love the leap frog toys I have... I don't think I've ever seen this one though. - Amanda

    8. Hey laura! Just thought I would check out your blog! It is pretty sweet! You amaze me with all your crafting talent! You GO Girl!!!!


    9. alrighty then :-) i'll check out the store ! thanks

    10. Awesome! I love the other leapfrog stuff. For some reason the website sounds familar, but I'll check it out... gunninks at shaw dot ca

    11. We have leap frog toys and this would be awesome addition

    12. This sounds like a lot of fun!
      Chris; cpolonyi@shaw.ca


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