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Friday, March 27, 2009

in local news...

This is my youngest brother paddling around in my parents front yard three days ago! Fortunatly the house is raised up so my parents have not had any flooding in the house, and I think the barn is fine for now too. Today, though, three days later, this is all covered by three feet of snow! The weather has been SO crazy lately. I gather my dad and husband are still sandbagging my parents place whenever sandbags are dropped off in the local dropoff spot... and they have a dike, too, so my dad just pumps whatever he can over the dike. But until the culverts unfreeze there is no point to that.

It's crazy to think that three days ago people all over the city I live in and the surrounding area were paddling around in canoes and now it looks like the dead of winter again... maybe later today I will post a picture of my backyard covered in snow. Although because it was so windy it is in drifts, so in the middle of the yard you can still tell there's a huge amount of water frozen under there.

Don't worry about us, though! We haven't had any water leaking into the house thus far, and we'd notice if we did because our basement is stripped down to concrete floors and insulated walls (except in the one corner where drywall has started going up again) as we're in the process of renovating the basement.

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  1. Hey there! You guys stay warm and dry. This is just crazy!!


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