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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cup of Sugar

I just couldn't go to bed without sharing this cup of sugar with you. I tried, I even closed the window. But then my desktop background, which is that black and white shot above, made my eyes soften and my mouth turn up at the corners.
What can I say - I adore this child. We had the hardest time putting her to bed tonight. But ah, who cares. A few extra minutes stolen from these quick first few years.

Right now, the sun rises and sets at my command, as far as she's got it figured. (The sun being slightly more obediant than some, apparently.)

Right now, I slip on my sunday dress and she flounces into the room, pets it reverently, and gushes on in her two-year-old nearly-english about how pretty I look.

Right now, I serve her a bowl of sunday soup, and she pauses between each slurp to hum 'mmmmm, nummy nummy nummy' to herself and to me.

She prances. She poses. She's starting to grow an imagination - yesterday she was telling me that she was in the middle of a game of hide and go seek with grandma and a monkey. (the monkey thing might need more explaination, but another day.)

I love her so much, and that love grows with her every day. But boy, I think I'll cling onto a few more moments. Let a few more bedtimes slip by unnoticed. She's supposed to be my little baby, but as you all can clearly see, this is a little girl. A funky, spunky, funny, charming little girl. And I'd love to keep her all to myself, but I think I'll share her, just a little. Just a cup of sugar.

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