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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rawk On

Went to a costume party last night. I was a rocker. Ahaha. So here's a picture of me kissing my love goodbye... (this also happens to be what my butt is made of. mmm, coffeemate.)here's a horrible picture that my hubby took of me, but its the only full-body shot I have. lol. I am a bit embarassed to admit that the only thing I bought for this costume was the spray for the red 'tips' for my rocker-hair. lol. No, I have never worn those pleather pants before. I bought them for less than a dollar on ebay and I was like SWEET. Because you never know when you could use some pleather pants.

And this is me getting my angry-rocker-face on. Yup. Over the course of the evening I learned that I cannot stay in charactor and an angry-rocker I am not. Shucks. lol. Too much fun. I love playing dress-up.

1 comment:

  1. Great costume! a great look for you! Yup! you are too sweet to be an angry face! xx


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