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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Funny Little Diva

nicole poser

I used to do a bit of digital scrapbooking, but I haven’t in at least a year. Over the last few days I’ve been collecting some cute free digital kits, and then today I picked up the adorable one I used to make this layout on http://www.youcanmakethis.com for less than five bucks. I used the program paint.net and its a free download, and then to print this out 12x12 at costco is just over $2. Not bad, considering I’d like to do an entire album using the set I bought. The colors are just so perfect for nicole, they are a lot of the colors I tend to dress her in, they just match her vibrant personality. I love light pink and ruffles and lace but this girl just calls for brights. lol. Anyways, when I finished this layout I stepped back and had a giggle fit because her sweater matches the layout! NOT DELIBERATE. I am accidently brilliant…? teehee. (click on the image above to see it in a bigger yet still reasonably small size.)

I quickly whipped it up when I was in a cranky mood and while I waited for my hubby to be ready to leave for christmas gifts at my parents place.

Oh! and I will share a charming little tidbit with you. When I got home from shopping for gifts last night, I opened the fridge to put away the milk I had bought because, well, we were out of milk. In the spot where the milk always sits, my husband had left a large, milk-less bowl of cheerios. You think he was trying to tell me something? hahahaha. Clever boy.

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