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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

might get burned (but didn’t)

Playing with fire, was I? Yes, yes I was. I didn’t get burned, but this fabric did, and isn’t that nice?  I’ve seen things like this around so I decided to pull out some candles and have a séance make some flowers. 013I had this gold toned top which, don’t get me wrong, was a nice gold toned top. As it turns out, though, gold toned tops really aren’t my color. How nice would it have been if I had come to this realization before and not after proudly wearing this shirt around? Anyways, with one sleeve I made these two flowers, and I’m thinking of making them into mother-daughter hair accessories. They’re not cutesy or cheesy, so I think we could probably pull it off, for church! And the pearls in the middle are nice little goldtoned freshwater pearls. For a little luxe. 

To do this yourself, just take some shiny polyester-type fabric and cut a bunch of bigger, medium, and smaller circles. They don’t need to be neat or symmetrical, you wouldn’t even know if they were or not when you’re done. Use a candle to carefully heat the edges to seal and curl them, and then experiment with the heat to make your fabric scrunch up a little. Flowers are not perfect and symmetrical in real life, so the crazier the better. Layer them until you get something you love, then hand stitch them together in the center. Lastly, put a few pearl or fake-pearl beads in the centers. Voila! (Ps, when I see people write ‘wah-la!’ it makes my eye twitch. I kind of wish I didn’t know it was really voila! because I feel like a snobbitty snob with my just-barely-controllable urge to correct them.)

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