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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Heart Faces – Self Portrait

This week’s theme for iheartfaces is Self Portrait. Since I am all about looking as terrible as possible in public lately (ask me how the transition to going shampoo-free is working for me. Just kidding, don’t; I’ll slap you.) my mind’s eye immediately flicked to one of the most recent self-portraits I’m in. This one is actually Chris’ photo, not mine, but he has no blog so here it is. (and no, I have no idea what is going on with his neck and head there. Perspective is a funny thing. Usually his head is the bigger of the two.)


I call it “Waiting For An Epidural” and it is one of Christopher’s “traditional” self-portraits that he likes to take when he is masked up while I wait for epidurals (all two times it has happened.) He takes these because the first time around “Honey, take a picture of me… I look like a doctor!” did NOT go over so well. (As in like… “ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?!?! I AM GETTING AN EPIDURAL FOR A REASON.) I had much more of a sense of humour this time around, as you can see in the “Labor Lite” post from last week, This Will Not Scare You Into Chastity.

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  1. i seriously lol'ed... You are so funny! Just became a fan...!


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