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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Passport to Prana winner

in honour of the five entries, here are five random facts:
1. i am not on my regular computer, and the shift key is apparently not working on half of the letters on this keyboard. i am not sure why. Very strange.
2. the number of glasses of wine i had last night. by myself.
3. the number of slices of leftover boston pizza pizza i ate for lunch. yogawhat?
4. how many days it's been since i had a solid sleep. i dunno, if things don't improve by monday i'm taking her to the doctor.
5. i had a near-miss with the business end of a pooping baby this morning. dangerous situation.

and now said situation is rawring at me to feed her so let us cut to the chase. no exclamation key on this keyboard. or brackets. it's like a piece of me is missing.

i scribbled out the rest of you in paint so you wouldn't be like DANGiT - i is not capitalization capable here - NEAr miSS. Wow this is obnoxios. i'm out, and i will hand deliver your passport to prana at church tomorrow, teri. exclamationmark.

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