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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Shot–All In The Details

IMG_4221 copy

If you’re looking closer, the focal point on this picture is maybe a little different than the usual eyes. My focus in this shot is actually on her sweet smile. I caught her mid-laugh (okay, so I coaxed a laugh out of her by teasing her to not smile) on Friday. I also kind of love that her pretty smile is ‘marred’ by that blood blister on her lip. I have no idea where it came from, but she is very active and rough-n-tumble so its pretty Normal Nicole for her to have a bump or a bruise somewhere! 
I have a few more shots from this shoot that I just LOVED that I will share later this week.

Starting next week it sounds like I’ll have a new feature – Manly Mondays! I’ll be having guest posts from… my hubby! Every so often Chris likes to check out my blog. To be honest, he mostly looks at the pictures and reads your comments.
He wants to cook his way through a BBQ cookbook that I got him for his birthday last year, once a week. (Not Julie and Julia inspired… I don’t think he’s ever even heard of it, lol) Anyways, I told him that if he likes, I can take pictures and he can do a weekly blog post. He was pretty keen on the idea. It might not last long unless y’all give him tons of lovely comments though. Also, it may not always be about BBQ, he will likely post about his many projects, too. (and the man is a renovating machine, so if you like that kind of stuff… stay tuned, and flatter The Man! ;) lol)

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