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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Itty Bitty Jackson

Jackson was, by a landslide, my smallest baby. He was just a teensy weensie itty bitty thing, and that did NOT last for long… today he’s six weeks old and starting to get stuffy in some of the 3-6 month onesies I’ve got! (sizing is, of course, skewed all over, as we all know. There’s one or two things labelled ‘newborn’ that still fit like a charm)

I did quickly snap a few shots of him as a little bitty one day. The light was poor and the pictures are grainy, plus they aren’t exactly beautiful bokeh-filled creamy shots, but they were never meant to be pro shots. I’m glad I took them because by the time I got to getting his pro shots done he’d chubbed up, wouldn’t want to have almost nothing but cameraphone pictures of his tiny little self! This was at two weeks old already, so he’d already grown from his birth weight by a pound or two.








And here’s a peek of his current Royal Chubbiness from his photoshoot with our family photographer, Amy Vanderveen. Oh, the difference a month can make!



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