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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jackson Style

I have very classy and sophisticated taste in music. Just kidding… OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! Feel free to picture me dancing like a moron to that, I can assure you, the mental picture is probably fairly accurate. Don’t get me wrong, I also have classy and sophisticated taste in music… but I can definitely get down to some cheesy K-Pop. And as we like to sing in this house… OPPA JACKSON STYLE!

I’ve pulled out my camera and dusted off my copy of Adobe Elements. As I get further and further away from pregnancy, I’m getting more and more back into my hobbies again ;) Just in time to get Jackson’s 3 month baby pictures! My sweet little guy is still quite happy with just chilling out and being a baby – he can’t even sit through dinner in his Bumbo without starting to slump at 3.5 months – and that’s just how we like him.






The one thing that is a bit of a shame is I’m hard pressed to get giggles out of this little guy! He’ll give up the yuks for almost anyone else, and he bestows upon me heaps and heaps of smiles and cuddles. But oh mom, you’re just not that funny. Sigh. Whatever, dude, Olivia thinks I’m hilarious.


  1. Those are some lovely pictures! It amazes me how much your kids look alike :)

  2. Oh, those are sweet pics! Great work - with the photos and the little guy :)


  3. Oh those legs! What a handsome little guy.

  4. Oh and absolutely gorgeous photography!


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