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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Right now I am…

- sitting/rocking/rolling on an exercise ball. Drop, baby, drop! Let’s get this show on the road. Also, exercise ball = super comfy.

- making people nervous in the phone department. Well, that’s actually both me and Chris. Whether we aren’t answering, or whether we’re calling out of the blue, people get jumpy. hehe.

- slowly but surely dilating. Ok, maybe a slight overshare, unless you’re pregnant or have been pregnant, in which case you’re probably all “YOU GO GIRL. DILATE YOUR LITTLE HEART OUT.” I jumped from 2cm to 3cm overnight. One more cm and I could be admitted to the hospital. If I would just go into LABOUR.

- So totally not even close to overdue, my due date is in another 12 days. I’m just really anxious to breathe / meet the baby / pick up things off the floor without bursting a blood vessel.

- Gonna go eat some more pineapple, since I can feel my tongue again. I don’t put any more faith in pineapples than I do castor oil, but I tried castor oil last time (TWICE. I DONT KNOW WHY.) and as I direct result, I can still taste castor oil in the back of my throat when somebody says ‘castor oil.’ It’s almost like a gift, but more the opposite.

Speaking of pineapple, how is it that people do not know what I mean when I say my tongue is numb/tingly from eating too much pineapple? Please tell me that happens to more than just me.

Also, I had a fetal assessment on friday, and Baby V is around 7lb 8oz. So, as Ernie would say… “Heeeeeeeeere, baby baby baby!”


  1. You can do it! My last baby was 8 days overdue, and was a 10 pounder. I was soooo ready to not be preggo!

  2. I feel your pain!!!! Hope you have that baby soon, I still have 2 1/2 months to go and I'm ready to be done with the pregnancy!!! I want my baby here and my body back :) Good Luck and happy birthing :)


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