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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I know I sure did.

ohoho. I love this. super pleased with myself.

if it just fits DD I will squeal and take a million pictures. Shirt definitely will, skirt... well, I've managed to make heavier weight fabric skirts messed up before.
I love that hairpiece. Fabric covered button. Plus a ribbon but you can't really see it. It's a crazzy vague picture I took in the dark because it is past my bedtime. But I'm so happy about this I wanted to share.
I FINISHED A PROJECT. I'm back, ladies! whoop, whoop.
If it fits her I'll post a better picture tomorrow. If it doesn't I'll sell as a set because I can't bear to break up the family. and then i'll make another one cos I have a bunch of that fabric left yet because I loved it lots. hurrhurr. (cute smiling flowers! you'll see it better tomorrow)


  1. oh hey now, that is super cute! Did you use vegbee's tutorial for the top?

  2. thanks su! Indeed I did. I'm going to be altering it a bit now that I've tried it on my DD, because she's got an odd shaped torso. I used the size 2 measurements but I'll be making the shirt a little narrower and a little longer, and changing the sleeves a bit too. I'm also planning on using the basic idea along with some other brainstuffs to make a velveteen bubble dress in the near future! <3


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