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Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey guys! I am now the proud owner of http://onthelaundryline.com … hopefully that will also work for www.onthelaundryline.com soon (edit… naturally as soon as I post this, it’s working! YES!) Yay!


Just to let you know, I’m going to do a drawing through tw*nkletw*nkle soon. When my tw*nkletw*nkle facebook fan page reaches 100 fans, I’ll do a draw for a free tutu! On top of that, once I’ve got a few more things up in the etsy shop, I’ll do a draw here on the blog for a gift certificate, to celebrate the changes here at www.onthelaundryline.com (to join the tw*nkletw*nkle fan page, look over to the sidebar.)


  1. ooooh, new domain name! Congrats

  2. thanks! i thought it was time to take the leap


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