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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2/52 - Project 52


Instead of Project 365 I opted for a Project 52, it seemed more manageable since this is definitely going to be a hectic year. Plus on day three I had one photo of a laundry basket snapped at 11pm, and two missed days. Yaaay. Project 52 it is!


I missed week one. Well, I had a photo that fit the theme but I didn’t edit or upload it and I am gonna chalk myself up as missing it for now. I think I’d like to go back and edit it just for my folder so I can make an album at the end of the year. But I shan’t bother to share it. I’m sharing this one a little late. phbbt. Week 2 was Togetherness. I have a million pictures of Nicole and Olivia together cuddling cos awww, so cute. But I actually really love the pictures like this. Nicole hovering almost out of view, keeping a constant eye on what’s going on with ‘My Baby Sister.’ She even gets offended if I choose the diapers.

Speaking of diapers. I am behind on my cloth diaper laundry right now because I tried a new soap on her diapers and it made them about as absorbent as linoleum. Awesome. So of course in the last 24 hours Olivia has pooped more than she has all month, all in disposable diapers. Every. Single. One. Blew. Out. The word of the day is POOPSPLOSION. And of course it’s not summer so I can’t lay all those stained onesies on the grass to bleach them with sun and magic and sun. Insert strangled noise here. Also insert me not sleeping much these last two days. I should not have said a word about my nicely sleeping baby. She changed her mind. I am feeling AWESOME. Wait no. What’s the opposite of feeling awesome again? I can’t remember, those words aren’t my default and I need more coffee to think properly. I’ll get back to you on that one.

(No I won’t. I will be elbows-deep in poopy onesies.)


  1. Awesome word of the day. I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to more.

  2. What new soap did you use?

  3. :) I hear ya on the poop craziness! Try what I do. I cut cloth (varying thick rags), fold them just so, and put them in the upper area at the back of the diaper. I've even cut, yes CUT, baby wash cloths for this. (4.99 for 12 @ the store that starts with a W). Poop soaks into it... 90% of the time. ~Lorien


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