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Friday, January 14, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things

Love me, hate me, feel as you will. I have absolutely neutral feelings for that movie, but its my mom’s Annual Me-Time Movie for Christmas / New Years and as such, that song is stuck is my head. Just from the movie being brought up in conversation a few times. Anywho… here’s a few of MY favourite things as of late.

sisterly love (and tolerance)


chubby baby rolls


tiny artists who wear jeggings (EEEEE!)


the mobile on Olivia’s swing (even if I have to clip toys on it sometimes)


child labour (obviously)


luvinthemommyhood blog (always, Shannon is just such a sweetheart and her roundups and such are ridiculously awesome. we won’t even go into how cute her kids are.)

Barbie clothes tutorials (click pics for the links)

this recipe, which I have yet to make… chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting. WITH CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH INSIDE. FOR REALS.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

So, what are a few of your favourite things lately? Do you have any links to share? If it involves chocolate or cookie dough, cute kids, or chocolate, I am so very in.


(What? I said chocolate twice? Sorry, that should have been three times.)


  1. Mmm...everytime I think about those muffins I start drooling. Perhaps we should make them together -- share the yummy and split the guilt! Chocolate.....mmmm.....

  2. Also, dude, where's my apron? (Which, BTW, is the unpopular follow-up to Dude, where's my car?) . :)


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