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Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday and Clothespins

Hey all! Are you hitting up the Cyber Monday sales? Personally I’m too busy starting to get things listed in my shop. You can view it above without going to etsy, hit “shop”! I’m playing a game for my Cyber Monday sale, since I couldn’t just ignore it all together. For $5 off anything in my shop (a minimum of $10 purchase but at the moment all I have listed are scarves that cost more than that.) you have to guess the name of my favourite Disney princess. Not the movie, the name. (Like Aurora versus Sleeping Beauty, and I’ll give you a freebie and say that’s not it.) Please don’t guess here, but feel free to try your luck in the coupon code field! Anyone can use it, but only until tomorrow. Below are the scarves I’m listing today.


Speaking of deals that are only good until tomorrow! For up to 40% off patterns at Go To Patterns, click through here at my little affiliate link and peruse the options. There are a few bundles that are at seriously great prices and even a new pattern release today!

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